A better glass of milk

At Oberweis, we believe the best milk process is a short one, because when it's over-processed the taste and nutrition are also affected. That's why we use gentle pasteurization and never add preservatives or antibiotics. Safe, delicious milk crafted by people who care - that's what has made the Oberweis name the most trusted in milk since 1927.

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Small family farms

The Oberweis Farmer's Pledge; it's a simple promise at the heart of every Oberweis family farm to provide the best care and highest quality milk generation after generation.

Respect for cows

Every cow is treated like a member of the family from the day they're born and growth hormones are never introduced. Because when each farmer is personally accountable for the quality of milk with the Oberweis label, he takes the Oberweis Farmer's Pledge seriously.

Best raw milk

Simplicity is at the heart of every bottle of Oberweis milk. Our farmers take pride in their milk, so we keep it simple and never add preservatives, antibiotics or artificial ingredients.

Minimal processing

We gently heat our milk to retain the most nutrients and not compromise taste. We call this gentle pasteurization, and you'll taste the benefits.

Glass bottle

Great taste requires great care, and that's why our milk will always taste so pure and refreshing. The iconic bottle helps keep it that way because glass is a better insulator than plastic or cardboard, so your milk stays colder longer and tastes fresh from the first glass to the last.

Simply the best

The commitment to the best for your family drives every decision we make because we want the best for our family, too. We do not compromise on the care of our cows, our dedication to nutrition, the processing methods we use or the superior taste you've come to expect.

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